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Office Moving Guide

Important Questions to Ask an office Moving Company before Contracting their Services



Relocating a business can be challenging and stressful. Usually, it is accompanied by a lot of mistakes here and there, especially if you allocate someone within the business. If you want to avoid these expensive mistakes, then it is always advisable to employ an independent office moving company.


However, moving an office can be chaotic if you do not contract the right company. Contracting a Commercial Movers Jersey City NJ company entails asking the right questions. When you ask the right questions, it enables you to build a connection and trust.


The first order of discussion is clarifying things. You should be able to know the additional services they offer apart from moving. Also, inquire about their prices and get a quotation. This order of question will help you to budget for your finances and get to know their limits and challenges.


Secondly, it is always good to clarify who will be in charge of packing. Most companies usually do not pack or unpack for their clients. The only services they offer is carrying the boxes and moving them. These will prevent miscommunication on an actual day. If you are seeking for an Office Moving Hackensack NJ company that can pack and unpack the goods, then you will not settle for one that does not offer those services.


Some companies only offer the manpower and the track. What does this mean? It means they do not offer materials for packing. The materials will be your cost. They can come and pack for you, but you have to provide the materials for packing. You will just have to pay the cost of moving plus manpower.


Other companies only offer the truck. You will be intended to provide the manpower for moving the boxes. This will be dependent on your budget. Most of these companies have a price list of various categories of services they offer. Therefore, it will give you leeway to select what you want and what will work for you. If you can get manpower, then select a service that does not entail the company providing manpower.


If your office is moving to another country and you will be required to pay customs duty, it is crucial to inquire if the moving company will take care of it or it is you to take care of the customs duty. This will avoid situations where your boxes are held at the custom due to unpaid duties, therefore, falling behind with your moving schedule.


These entire questions are essential in avoiding miscommunication with a moving company. Avoiding a situation where on the actual day your moving company cannot offer a certain service because you did not include it in your package or rather they do not have the service.